Saturday, August 22, 2009

God Unleashes Plagues of Bees and
Dumb Neighbors and then Pilfers Socks

They swarmed around me like bees, but they were extinguished like burning thornbushes.
So armed with the name of the LORD, I defeated them." - Psalm 118

The Lord Above will never rest until his subjects in Red States recant the heresy of their ways and He or She will continue to visit upon those unforgiven heathen an endless parade of Plagues. Some will be minor irritations. Some will threaten every material comfort held near by inhuman-kind.

In many western states, where gun ownership is a right, citizens rarely allow fellow citizens with clear mental illness, presbyopia, or retarded social skills run loose with loaded weapons. Gun rights and a well-regulated set of behaviors go together, fist in glove, cartridge in chamber, Paxil in 'Tard Skull.

Red states such as Arizona draw numbskulls and because their gun culture is so immature, and in part because there are already a lot of fruitbats there. AND GOD REALLY HATES IMMATURE GUN CULTURE

First, there's the Plague of Bees infesting Phoenix, the Red State's largest (and most cancerous) city. Not one, but multiple incidents featuring God's Own Death Panels have turned idyllic neighborhoods into Sting-a-Palooza, in some cases, most afflicting actual numbskulls.

PHOENIX – Two elderly people are in the hospital after hundreds of bees swarmed two different Valley neighborhoods.

Doctors are keeping a close eye on an 81-year old Phoenix woman who was attacked by bees at her home in the area 33rd Avenue and Cactus Road.Toni Parker walked outside Wednesday afternoon and was swarmed by bees from a hive that was under a shed in her backyard. Parker tried to run back into the house, but fell and broke her hip. That's when the bees really attacked. They stung Parker more than 300 times all over her body, even inside her mouth and ears.

Fire crews tried to use extinguishers and hoses to clear off the bees but the bees then started to attack them. Two police officers were also stung about 50 times each.

The second bee attack took place in front of a home near 32nd Street and Indian School Road just a few hours later. According to fire crews, the 85-year-man [uh, NUMBSKULL] was trying to get rid of a swarm of bees by vacuuming them. The swarm turned on him with a vengeance, stinging him between 75 and 100 times. Officers chained the man to their rear bumper and dragged the man for two blocks before the bees gave up their attack.

Vacuuming. Swarm of Bees. Say that to yerself a few times. ...sometimes even The Big Guy needs to cut someone out the herd, and that usually means a Republican.

But the Apian Hegemony is the small stuff. Since 8.9% of the state's economy derives from tourism, it'd be a real shootin-yerself-in-the-foot moment to mingle immature gun culture with Real American Adults Who Work For A Living, since the Real Americans would soon realize the immature gun culturalsweren't people they'd want to spend leisure time around.

But how do Real Americans recognize Immature Weapon Culturals?

It ain't an exact science, but the Immatures sure do a great job of stayin' away from the subtle signs and tend to go straight for the Juggulur Vein Of Showing Off Their Stuff. As in...

Killer stabbed man 50 times, left him burning in trash

PHOENIX -- For a few weeks, Phoenix police have been piecing together clues in a gruesome murder mystery after finding a man's dismembered body burned inside a trash bin earlier this month.

Wednesday, they announced the arrest of the person who they believe is his killer, 33-year-old Angela Simpson, Young Republican co-chair for Pima County.

Simpson told 3TV she promised Terry Neely sex and drugs in order to get him to come to her North Phoenix apartment. Once there, Simpson said she beat Simpson with a tire iron, hammered a 3-inch nail into his head, pulled his teeth and strangled him with a television cord.

She's also accused of stabbing him at least 50 times with multiple knives. His body was found with a coaxial cable wrapped around his neck. Neely's arms and legs were also removed from his torso before he was dumped in a trash bin which was left burning near 9th and Peoria avenues.

"You made him watch it through a mirror?" Wingate asked.

"Yes, I did," Simpson replied calmly. "He needed to see what he deserved."

Wingate described Simpson as articulate and straightforward. When Wingate asked her why she killed Neely, the answer, to Simpson, seemed simple. "I don't want my children or the people I consider family to be in a place where there are people who would support health reform," she said.

Well, this kind of habit makes Real Americans hesitant to spend their dollars in Red States. Evidence? How about an epistle from the most popular American travel guru:
Travel guru says gun laws enough to avoid Arizona

PHOENIX -- Travel icon Arthur Frommer says he won't be spending his tourism dollars at the Grand Canyon, or anywhere else in Arizona, because the state's laws allow people he described as "thugs" and "extremists" to openly carry firearms.

The author of budget-travel guides said on his blog Wednesday that he was "shocked beyond measure" by reports that protesters openly carried guns and rifles outside a Phoenix building where President Barack Obama spoke on Monday.

So the Plague of Bees and The Plague of Young Republicans is conjoined with The Plague of Declining Tourism Revenues. Where will it all end?


You don't need to hear from Jeremiah what this means:
God Steals Socks from Sierra Vista Backyard, Declares 'Let There Be No Motion Sensor Light'
SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. -- A southern Arizona man is out a dozen pairs of socks after the Deity sneaked into his backyard early Monday and stole socks off a clothesline.

The resident told the Cochise County Sheriff's Office Tuesday that at some point between late Sunday and early Monday, someone entered his fenced-in back yard in Palominas and made off with 12 pairs of white athletic socks that were hanging on a clothesline. A motion sensor light was also damaged.

Because this is what it means: